• Raviraj Patil

    Raviraj Patil

  • Patrick Böttger

    Patrick Böttger

    Product Owner | Industrial Engineer (M.Sc.) | Design Thinker (Cert.) — Striving for a re-definition of “human work” in the 21st century and beyond

  • Dwmcgrat


  • James V

    James V

    Startup CEO, angel investor, former VC, blockchain enthusiast, Kauffman fellow.

  • Radhika Patil

    Radhika Patil

  • Alexander J. Levin

    Alexander J. Levin

    Based in Seattle. Wharton, Cambridge, Fullstack Academy, former M&A banker, former Cisco Global Infrastructure Funds Team, currently Amazon AWS.

  • Amund Tveit

    Amund Tveit

    Principal Data & Applied Scientist at Microsoft, Past: Google, Youtube and Zedge, PhD CS, Coder, Personal opinions ONLY, https://amundtveit.com/about/

  • Limor


    Limor is the next evolution of social media and podcasting. A new app which allows you to create audio & traditional podcasts straight from your phone

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